Thursday, 30 March 2017

2017 breeding pics

Just a few photos of results of my breeding in 2017, hopefully there will be lots of larvae!

Some of Dynastes hercules lichyi pupae

Megasoma gyas porioni female pupae
Dark red-brown and dark blue m.t. ugandensis
M.t. immaculicollis and orange m.t. ugandensis
Goliathus goliathus albatus/quadrimaculatus
pupal cell and fresh extremely shiny white male


  1. OMG! who would like to have beetles as pets. I hate this irritating insect actually. Its so near to the species of cockroach and its very irritating insect. I would not recommend having it as a pet.

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  3. fingers crossed you're successful in your endeavours!! i've really got into keeping beetles recently, so i've been found your blog really useful, thanks x

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