Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Current sale list, updated 31.10.2021

Beetle larvae

Available now

Adults the rainbow stag beetle (Phalacrognathus muelleri) fresh pairs with big males,  mainly wild type and reddish colouration males, £50 each pair, ready for breeding.

L2          Mecynorhina torquata ugandensis (dark blue), £4.5 each, or 10 for £40
L3          Dynastes tityus, £9 each or 10 for £80
L2          Jumnos ruckeri ruckeri, £5.0 each or 10 for £40
L3          Protaetia aeruginosa (mix of red green and black subspecies), £5.0 each or 10 for £40
L2          Cetonischema speciosa jousselini, £4 each or 10 for £35
L2          Dicronorhina derbyana layardi,  £2.7 each or 10 for £25 
Available soon
L1-L2     Mecynorhina torquata ugandensis (dark blue with purple), £4.5 each, or 10 for £40 (November)
L1-L2     Mecynorrhina oberthuri decorata, £6 each or 10 for £55 (November)  
L1-L2     Mecynorrhina oberthuri unicolour, £6 each or 10 for £55 (December)  
L1-L2     Dicronorhina derbyana conradsi (blue line), £4.5 each or 10 for £40 (December)
L1-L2     Cetonischema speciosa cyanichlora, £6 each or 10 for £55
L1-L2     Goliaths beetle, Goliathus goliatus, £11 each or 10 for £100 (November-December)
L1-L2     Goliath beetle, Goliathus orientalis preissi (usambarensis), £12 each or 10 for £110
L1-L2     Rainbow stag beetle Phalacrognathus muelleri  (red form), £6 each or 10 for £50 (December)
L1-L2     Megasoma mars, £9 each or 10 for £85             (December)
L1-L2     Dynastes myashitai, £8 each or 10 for £70         (December) 

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At the moment UK postage is as normal, as long as the weather is good.

Postage to other locations is possible is the weather is warm enough at the moment. Please contact me about it. 

Payment is by Paypal (bank transfer is also possible).
Based on ~0.5 Kg parcel (prices may vary for different countries or orders)
Recorded postage: UK - £5, Europe - £13, rest of the world -£15.
Regular postage (at buyer's risk only): UK £4, Europe £9, rest of the world £11.      
How to order: Please inquire about the items you would like to purchase, as they may become unavailable or prices may change. You will receive the total for your order, no strings attached. Once I receive the payment, I post the parcel with your order and confirm it. Please allow some delay between order and postage.
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