Monday, 28 April 2014

Tropical beetle larvae for sale

I have following larvae for sale now

1)  Mecynorrhina ugandensis - harmless massive giant African flower beetles, can reach up to 85 mm, very easy to keep and breed, have massive colour variety, so it is fun to cross breed different colour forms
Larvae from brown-green-orange-white parents on photo below, L1 £3 each and L2 £3.50 each, 10+ available

2) Mecynorrhina ugandensis, L1  £3.50 each and L2 £4 each; larvae from the blue male and orange female parents shown on photo below
10+ available    ALMOST ALL SOLD, only a few L2s left!!!

3) Mecynorrhina ugandensis, orange parents, male orange red with white stripes
 L1 £3.50 each larvae from the parents on photo below
10+ available

4) Rainbow stag beetlePhalacrognathus MuelleriL1 larvae £7 each, L2 £8 each 10+ available, these are always in high demand so hurry up.
These Australian beetles are excellent pets as they can live up to 2 years.

Discount on orders of 10+ larvae. 

Some dynastes granti larvae will be available in a few months and a few other species.

Also have trio adults of MU 1 male +2 females. Females are not mated yet 2 weeks old and male is one week old, £40 for all three. 
Photo of the trio below

payment by paypal
Please contact me regarding the availability of the grubs at


  1. How many blue X orange do you have left and how would you ship them to ireland???

  2. Hi, those all sold, unfortunately
    I will have more different colours of MU later in summer.
    Such as dark blue-green with white stripes, blue red with white stripes, green-red, orange-red with white stripes, and black-blue-red/brown. I will post some different photos here soon.
    Posting within EU no problem, the cheapest non-tracked service for 0.5 kg parcel costs ~£6 or ~£11 for tracked, takes about 5 days. Not a single died yet during postage.

  3. Do you have a website? Do you ship to USA?

  4. Do you have a website? Do you ship to USA?

  5. I can ship to USA; please contact me at regarding details.

  6. rhino beetles for sale and can be shipped world wild