Monday, 2 April 2018

April 2018 sale list

Dynastes hercules lichyi                     early L3, £11 each or 10 for £95
Dynastes hercules lichyi                     early L3 sexed pair (m+f), £23
Dynastes neptunus                            L1- £8, L2 £9 each
Dynastes granti                                 L1-L2, £6 each, 10 for £55
Dynastes tityus                                 L2     £5.0 each
Goliathus orientalis preissi                  L1- £8, L2 £10, early L3 £15 each
Mecynorrhina torquata ugandensis (orange)   L1-L2, £4.5 each, 10 for £40
Mecynorrhina torquata ugandensis (blue)            L1-L2        £4.5 each,
or 10 for £40, coming soon!
Mecynorrhina torquata ugandensis (black-purple) L1-L2       £4.5 each,
or 10 for £40, coming soon!
Mecynorrhina torquata immaculicollis          L1-L2, £3,5 each, or 10 for £33
Mecynorrhina oberthuri decorata                 L1-L2, £7 each
Mecynorrhina polyphemus polyphemus        L2, £4 Each or 10 for £3.5
Mecynorrhina polyphemus polyphemus        L3, £5 each
Dicronorhina derbyana conradsi                  L1, £2.5 each or 10 for £20
Megasoma actaeon                                    L2, £8 each, early L3, £11 each
Megasoma elephas elephas                         L1-L2, £7.0 each or 10 for £65
Megasoma elephas elephas                         mid L2 sexed pair (m+f), £16
Megasoma anubis                                      L2, £9 each, early L3 £12 each
Megasoma anubis                                    early L3 sexed pair (m+f), £25  
Phalacrognathus muelleri (rainbow stag)      L1-L2 £5.5 each or 10 for £50

Postage:  (No postage to countries where it is too cold at the moment, the minimum night temperature should be 7-9C˚ for tropical species.
Payment is by paypal or bank transfer.
Based on ~0.5 Kg parcel (prices may vary for different countries or orders)
Recorded postage: UK - £5, Europe - £12, rest of the world -£14.
Regular postage (at buyer's risk only): UK-£4, Europe-£7, rest of the world £9
Postage outside the EU: at buyer’s risk only

How to order: Please inquire about the items you would like to purchase, as they may become unavailable or prices may change. You will receive the total for your order, no strings attached. Once I receive the payment, I will post the parcel with your order and will confirm it.

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Mecynorrhina oberthuri decorata
Dynastes neptunus
Megasoma elephas elephas

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