Sunday, 13 September 2015

Exotic beetle larvae for sale 18.09.2015 updated

A giant rhino beetle, Dynastes hercules lichyi,
L1-L2 larvae£8 each or 10 for £75

One of the longest beetles in the world, larvae grow on the mixture of decayed leaves and wood 

A golden chafer, protaetia (cetonischema) aeruginosaL1-L2 larvae £1.5 each or 10 for £13 

(a medium size (~30 mm) beautiful flower beetle, larvae feed on decayed leaves) from mixed colour parents 

The rainbow stag beetle,  Phalacrognathus Muelleri, L2 larvae , £5 each
(a medium size stag beetle (up to 60 mm), larvae grow on decayed mulched oak or beech wood)(SOLD!)

Megasoma gyas porioni (extra rare!), Huge megasoma, absolutely massive beetle, larvae grow on leaf litter, L1, £15 each, available now 

Megasoma anubis  (extra rare!), large size megasoma, larvae grow on leaf litter, L1, £15 each, coming soon

Protaetia (cetonischema) speciosa jousselini
L1-L2 larvae £3 each or 10 for £28 

a medium size (~30 mm) chafer, just amazing beautiful flower beetle, looks surreal, very rare in the UK, larvae feed on decayed leaves (SOLD!)

Small amount of leaf litter (almost pure decayed leaves, mainly oak, no soil) is available, 10L for £18 delivered, UK postage

A few ~0.5l kinshi tubes is available for sale; £5 each, UK p£p £3, suitable for late L1 early L2 larvae of majority stag beetles such as rainbow stag beetle   

Postage from London, UK.
Post to most of the countries, please ask for p&p charges before ordering. Postage outside the EU at buyer's risk only 
UK P&P for beetles, 1st class RM £5, or 2nd class RM £4
Europe,  a regular postal service and packaging for small parcels £7 (at buyer's risk) or £12 recorded.
Outside the Europe, £8 and £14 correspondingly.
Payment by the bank transfer, Paypal or cash on collection. 
Orders by email:

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