Saturday, 28 February 2015

Exotic beetle larvae for sale, 2015 spring list (updated 6.04)

Post to most of the countries, please ask for p&p charges before ordering.  

UK postage 1st class RM £4.99

Europe postage for small parcels £6 (at buyer's risk) or £11 recorded.

Payment by bank transfer, Paypal or cash on collection. 

Contact email:

1. Dynastes hercules lichyi L1-L2 larvae for sale. L1- £8 each or £7.5 for 10+ larvae. L2 £8.5 each or £8 for 10+ larvae. Larvae are from a massive ~140 mm male parent.

2. Dynastes Hercules Hercules  L1 larvae for sale. L1- £8 each or £7.5 for 10+ larvae. Larvae are from a big ~140 mm male parent (photo below).

3. Mecynorrhina torquata ugandensis, brick orange colour parents (see photo) L1 larvae, £4.50 each or 5 for £20

4.  Megasoma elephas elephas L1 larvae for sale. Only 4 larvae left, £8 each. 
Massive parent male (on photo).   SOLD

5. Dynastes tityus, the Eastern Hercules beetle, L2 larvae for sale, £4 each, 
only 8 larvae left for sale.   SOLD


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    1. Sorry I deleted my first message:Can I get 2 larvae dynastes hercules hercules and 2 Mecynorrhina torquata ugandensis brick orange?

  2. Also can the larvae be a pair male and female for both species?

  3. These will be available in spring, if you are interested, please contact me via and I will inform you once they are available.