Monday, 16 June 2014

Current list of tropical beetles for sale available, 16 June 2014

Here is my current list of larvae available for sale

1. Dynastes Hercules Hercules, L1, 10+ available.
2. Dynastes Hercules septentrionalis, L1, 10+ available.
3. Dynastes granti, L1 (almost all booked, more on the way, please inquire)
4. Megasoma elephas elephas, L1-L2, 10+ available

5. Mecynorrhina Torquata Immaculicollis, L1, 10+ available
6. Mecynorrhina Ugandensis (green yellow), L3, ~10 available
7. Mecynorrhina Ugandensis (orange), L2, ~10 available
8. Mecynorrhina Ugandensis (green-red colourmorph), L1 ~10 available
9. Mecynorrhina Ugandensis fresh males of various colours, (4 available)

10. The Rainbow Stag Beetle, Phalacrognathus Muelleri, L2-L3, 10+ available
11. Cyclommatus Metallifer, L1, ~10 available
12. Lamprima adolphinae, ~5 available

Please contact me via regarding  availability of these beetles.

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